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$TIP-WBNB LP Staking Programme

We’re excited to announce the SugarBounce LP staking rewards programme on BSC (Binance Smart Chain). This programme will commence on 5th March, 2022 at 19:00 UTC. Users will be able to deposit $TIP and $WBNB in a liquidity pool on Pancakeswap to receive a TIP-WBNB LP token which they can then stake in the LP staking pool on to earn APRs of up to 90% as well as exclusive benefits and perks within the Sugar Bounce ecosystem.

Staking Guide

To stake into the $TIP-WBNB Token pool, you will need to have the $TIP-WBNB Token. For the same, you will need to add liquidity:


Step 1: Visit the Pancake swap $TIP WBNB Liquidity page:

Press on the “ + Add Liquidity”

Step 2: Choose the two tokens to create the LP Token: TIP-WBNB.

(Make sure you get the correct address for the $TIP token: 0x40f906e19b14100d5247686e08053c4873c66192)

Step 3: Enable both WBNB and TIP at the bottom. You will need to verify and approve it through your wallet.

Step 4: Now click on Supply, and Confirm it. You will again need to verify it and approve the transaction in your wallet. (A very small transaction fee will apply).

Congratulations! You now have a TIP-WBNB LP Token!

Step 5: Once you add liquidity, you will receive BEP-20 TIP-BNB LP tokens in your MetaMask, Trust, or Binance wallet.

Step 6: Go to the staking pool program page:

Step 7: Input the amount of TIP-WBNB LP Tokens you wish to stake and click “Stake”.

Step 8: Enjoy and claim rewards with juicy APRs of up to 90%!

To buy $TIP:

  • Pancake Swap:


You can Stake/Unstake instantly, which means you’ll have full control of your funds!

We hope this guide was helpful. Now it’s your chance to get your hands on this exciting programme and get staking! There are many more interesting updates down the pipeline, so watch out closely on our socials.

Happy Staking :)

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