Sugar Bounce enters the Sinverse!

2 min readMar 24, 2022


Sugar Bounce entered Metaverse for the first time on 11/21/21 by partnering with an amazing community full of Sinners, rebranded Sinverse (previously known as Sin City Metaverse) a leading R-rated metaverse.

We are very excited for this huge step for our partner. Refreshed and refined, we are expecting a lot of new amazing opportunities in the field of the greatest advancement in information technology crossing with NSFW entertainment.

What will this partnership offer?

SugarBounce will operate an adult entertainment center in Sin City’s Red-Light District where more than 15,000 users will be able to access the SugarBounce venue, select their favorite entertainers and interact with our dApps.

Users will be able to virtually interact with our Sugar Stars in Sin City and access various features of our dApps such as tipping content creators, minting and trading utility-based NFTs, funding Sugar Starter pools using $TIP in addition to the many features that will be available on SugarBounce.

SinVerse is our first venture into the metaverse and we are thrilled to explore a new digital environment. We look forward to becoming an integral part of other metaverses in the crypto space as well.

“These are exciting times for SugarBounce, we are widening our horizon by entering the metaverse of Sinverse and will keep on growing with them as our partners.”
Navin Ray — CEO SugarBounce

“This is an absolutely unique opportunity for like minded communities to join forces. We’re delighted to have SugarBounce in our R-Rated Metaverse, and we’re sure this partnership will continue to flourish”.
Marouane Fikri — CEO Sinverse

About SugarBounce

Sugarbounce aims to provide with a consummate ecosystem for all NSFW entertainment needs of the next generation of viewers with the goal to decentralize adult content and lead the field in this emerging adult entertainment market by demonstrating how crypto and the blockchain can safely and effectively work in a highly-profitable NSFW context. The platform is geared towards making the lives of people working in the adult industry better and will bring in an amalgamation of P2P streaming, IPFS, and NFT Tech to bring a never-seen-before experience to viewers.

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About SinVerse

Sin City Metaverse is an advanced, multiplayer metaverse with a play-to-earn mechanism built on the Polygon Blockchain. The game is based in the most controversial cities of the world, where digital real estate is available to be purchased. Users can buy the land to develop and build their empires. The game is aimed at becoming the ultimate kingpin. Giving room to a highly social-orientated platform, where you can build clubs, hang out with friends and truly immerse into the metaverse.

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