SugarBounce announces its strategic partnership with Hypersign

2 min readApr 14, 2022

We are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Hypersign, a decentralized identity and access management infrastructure for the enterprise. Hypersign distributes the trust among stakeholders meaning they replace trust with Decentralised Identifiers (DID).

Hypersign’s Hyperfyre is our official marketing partner for surveys. They will provide viral marketing tools for Web3: creating campaigns, verifying users by token holding, eliminating bots and fake users, and building legendary communities. We will also use Hyperfyre for data collection and Airdrops, as it collects only what data is required.

We are looking forward to working with Hypersign’s HyperFyre and using their impressive marketing technology to get the best market data through different campaigns.Navin Ray, CEO SugarBounce

“SugarBounce is working towards decentralizing the NSFW entertainment space for creators, making it more democratized, a unique use-case. We are glad that the team found us effective partners for their community-building initiatives. Looking forward to cooperation beyond HyperFyre in the future.“ Vikram Bhushan, CEO HyperSign

About Hypersign

Hypersign is a decentralized identity and access management infrastructure for the enterprise. It leverages technologies such as public key infrastructure (PKI) and blockchain to provide passwordless authentication and authorization and verification services that integrate within minutes and are compatible with legacy IAM systems at an affordable price point.

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About SugarBounce

Sugarbounce aims to provide a consummate ecosystem for all NSFW entertainment needs of the next generation of viewers to decentralize adult content and lead the field in this emerging adult entertainment market by demonstrating how crypto and the blockchain can safely and effectively work in a highly-profitable NSFW context. The platform is geared towards making the lives of people working in the adult industry better. It will bring in an amalgamation of P2P streaming, IPFS, and NFT Tech to bring a never-seen-before experience to viewers.

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