2 min readFeb 28, 2022


SugarBounce Partners with TasteNFT

We are excited to announce that we are partnering up with TasteNFT, a cryptocurrency and NFT marketplace for sensual digital artwork on the Binance Smart Chain.

TasteNFT’s objective is to establish a decentralized NFT Marketplace for high-quality sensual and figurative art that empowers creators (artists & photographers) from various industries to host their artwork on the platform.

What will this partnership bring to the table?

Using TasteNFT’s figurative concept, dynamic and sensual content created by Sugar Stars within the SugarBounce ecosystem can be converted into NFTs and sold on the TasteNFT Marketplace. Thus, having more visibility of our content NFT from “Sugar Streams” which is our anonymous and streaming platform allows users to access exclusive live entertainment anywhere, anytime.

Our goal is to diversify our ever-expanding community & amplify our reach in the adult NFT market through this collaboration!

Here are the specifics of the collaboration:

  • SugarBounce will have their NSFW NFT collection displayed on TasteNFTs marketplace.
  • A selective collection of the top-notch content of our elite group for models/influencers will be converted into NFTs and will be available on TasteNFT’s marketplace.

“Our partnership with TasteNFT platform will enhance the user experience and will be an important step in bringing quality content to the audience. I am looking forward to this collaboration and aim to make it a mutually beneficial one for both platforms”

-Navin Ray, CEO of SugarBounce

“TasteNFT LLC was established with the goal to be the market leader of sensual NFTs, with the release of their TasteNFT Marketplace supporting high-quality sensual artwork. We believe in providing artists the ability to showcase and sell their artwork online in the form of NFTs. The artists also have the ability to reserve rights to their images. This partnership will further solidify our goals towards quality content.”

-Mikey, CEO of TasteNFT

About SugarBounce

SugarBounce will tap into a massively under-explored opportunity by bridging the gap between lucrative adult entertainment and one of the greatest advancements in information technology. We plan to lead the field in this emerging market by demonstrating how crypto and the blockchain can safely and effectively work in a highly-profitable NSFW context.

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About TasteNFT

Taste is building a decentralized NFT marketplace for high-quality sensual art on Binance’s Smart Chain. In pursuit of this objective, TasteNFT will host exclusive sensual artwork on the platform by working with artists and photographers from various industries. The adaptable business model of TasteNFT will allow the project to find a niche within the emerging NFT market, as well as provide it with opportunities for future growth and expansion. In addition, $TASTE is fully integrated with the TasteNFT Marketplace, which provides artists, community members, and customers with a built-in “use case” for the token.

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