SugarBounce Tokenomics

5 min readNov 15, 2021


Being one of its kind, Sugarbounce is a decentralized adult-content sharing platform. SugarBounce is a consummate universe for all the NSFW entertainment needs of the next generation, permission-less and on-chain. We empower adult content creators to develop and distribute their content using the Sugar Ecosystem, and for viewers to access this content anonymously from anywhere in the world.

The platform is geared towards making the lives of people working in the adult industry better and will bring in an amalgamation of P2P streaming, IPFS, and NFT Tech to bring a never-seen -before experience to viewers.

$TIP token has been developed with the aim to boost growth in the Sugarbounce ecosystem.

Below is a quick overview of the token distribution & dynamics:


Performance — Based Token Unlock

A total of 50,000 tokens is unlocked on every performer onboarded over a period of 4 years. The maximum amount of 49.75 million ( which equates to 995 performers ) tokens can be unlocked in a given year. The unlock will continue for a maximum of 4 years which in turn would allow a maximum circulation supply of 199 Million tokens.

In case we are unable to onboard 995 performers in a year, the tokens which have not been unlocked will be burnt from the token supply

For every unlocked token, The distribution of the 50,000 tokens is as below. From the second year (Year 2) of operations, the distribution of the unlocked token supply changes as per the below schedule

Compared to other adult tokens, The tokenomics of all those projects have extremely high supply which unlocks to the teams before any delivery. We have built a performance based token emission which unlocks into the ecosystem purely based on the team delivering the milestones we put out in the whitepaper.

If we don’t onboard performers, NO TOKENS ENTER THE ECOSYSTEM.

Our Token model is the first of its kind which directly correlates Token Adoption into token emission, removing the inflationary nature of token unlocks.


Along with the creation, we have a quarterly burn as well which has been planned. 30% of all net profits generated through the platform will go into purchasing $TIP tokens from the open market and burning them out of supply.

The Token burn would continue until $TIP reduces to 75% of its maximum circulating supply.


The following token distribution is allocated with the assumption that the team will be achieving 100% of their KPIs for the next 5 years.


$TIP tokens are reserved for the Sugarbounce Founding team. Team tokens are locked and vested to demonstrate long-term commitment. Tokens are locked for 12 months.

After lockup, tokens are released based on the achievement of the KPI’s by the platform.


$TIP tokens reserved for the Sugarbounce advisory board are locked for 3 months & vested over a 24 month period with an option to increase the vesting over 24 months.

These tokens are vested to demonstrate long-term commitment.


Sugarbounce has the funds needed to manage its costs for running its operations for a period of 18 months. These $TIP tokens are reserved for future objectives like immediate operational expansion requirements, broad operational initiatives, regulatory & compliance clearances, business expansion, etc.


Sugarbounce has the funds needed for marketing support for 2 years. The marketing tokens are reserved for future objectives like immediate marketing initiatives at different stages of development and to push new content creators at a later stage.


$TIP tokens are reserved to fuel the growth of the Sugarbounce platform being developed by the Sugarbounce team. The tokens will be used to build token adoption within the platform once it goes live. As we aim tap into this massively underexplored opportunity by bridging the gap between lucrative adult entertainment and one of the greatest advancements in information technology, there are several unaccounted regulatory and technical hurdles that might require additional costs which need to be apportioned for to ensure the long-term success of the product delivery


This is a “Go-To-Market” Fund that would be required to build community involvement within the platform.

The $TIP tokens will be used to:

  • Provide liquidity at launch at PancakeSwap.
  • Provide Staking rewards/allocations for early adopters, governance & risk assessment members.
  • Bug bounty programs & early testers of the platform.
  • Performers are rewarded for extraordinary quality content creation.
  • Governance & Risk Assessment rewards within the Sugarbounce platform.
  • All the reserved allocations would be unlocked as per KPI achievement by the team, but this does not mean it will necessarily be in circulation. The Sugarbounce team would distribute at the discretion of the board.
  • Distribution is primarily used to fuel the growth and expansion of the project over the years to come and may hold/delay the release of the tokens if the need does not arise.


Sugarbounce will devote significant resources to risk liquidity and market expansion as required. These $TIP tokens are reserved for listing the $TIP on CEX and adding the required liquidity.


The liquidity on Pancakeswap will be locked for 6 months at Unicrypt with an option to extend it further in case our product roadmap needs a revision.


Funds raised through the Private and Crowd sale round will be used to develop and to support the liquidity of the $TIP token & platform. Sugarbounce is well funded to manage the growth & expenses for a period of 12 to 24 months.

This includes:

  • Liquidity, tech, and product development. $TIP anticipates launching its platform in 3 months after the crowd sale is completed. To prepare our future ecosystem, we will devote significant resources for risk liquidity and market expansion as required.
  • General marketing and development expenses such as website development, advertising materials, outreach, community, partnership, and customer development.




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