$TIP soon listed on The StrikeX Wallet

2 min readMar 29, 2022


We are delighted to announce that our native cryptocurrency $TIP will be listed on a soon-to-be-released state-of-the-art DeFi Wallet — StrikeX Wallet! StrikeX Wallet is a very promising DeFi wallet that lets users purchase crypto directly with fiat currencies — as well as track, swap and analyze their crypto holdings.

Benefits of using StrikeX Wallet for purchasing, holding or selling $TIP:

1) Cross-chain swaps between BNB, BTC, ETH, & SOL (more blockchains will be integrated shortly after launch)

2) Fiat-on & off-ramp services

3) Multi-chain compatible storage

4) Portfolio analytics & charting

5) The entire StrikeX Ecosystem (Wallet, DEX, 24/7 Trading Platform, Stock Token Bridge, & More)

What the partnership will offer users

As mentioned above this partnership will offer Fiat-on & off-ramp services meaning crypto — users and non-crypto users (who are not familiar with trust wallets) will be able to purchase $TIP directly through their debit/credit cards while being on Sugar Streams dApp.

About StrikeX Wallet

The tradestrike platform will focus heavily on tokenization.

The aim of tradestrike is to tokenise stocks backed 1 for 1 with the real asset. Those are not synthetic stocks meaning users will earn dividends on tradestrike with much less risk.

In addition, the Wallet will also enable the seamless integration of their DEX; TradeStrike Lite, for a full DeFi experience, without the need to use an external exchange.

The StrikeX wallet uses an internationally compliant fiat on & off ramp gateway provider. This gives users around the world the option to buy with fiat and sell back into fiat; whether it is via Mastercard, Visa, Apple Pay or bank transfer. Additionally, the wallet integrates KYC, AML & Fraud Detection services to ensure we have the safest and most secure platform possible.

StrikeX is the native token of tradestrike. StrikeX will be required for all transactions on tradestrike.

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