$TIP Staking Vector Benefits

4 min readMay 26, 2022

The Adult Industry is one of the fastest moving and adaptive when it comes to integrating with new technologies. The Industry is of course not fully evolved and is still plagued by a number of issues that involve data security, privacy, and monetization. That’s where SugarBounce comes in — And thanks to the nature of Web 3, we can take that a step further and tackle these issues using blockchain technology.

Sugarbounce’s protocol solution is designed to solve these issues, thus, allowing our ecosystem to thrive and take the Adult Industry to the next level. One of the ways we tackle this is by allowing anyone to decide the investment limits by staking their desired amount which will provide benefits not just for the individual, but collectively for the entire ecosystem (but the individual benefits are amazing as well!)

So let’s get into the staking aspect of SugarBounce to get you all familiar!

First and foremost, we have kept the same system since launch and do not ever intend to change that.

Staking options and benefits for TIP #hodlers

Our First dApp, Sugar Streams, has just rolled out a month ago (April 2022) and continues to pick up steam.

So we offer Staking services to those that believe in our project, vision, and products early on — We allow ANYONE to Stake their $TIP tokens on our website, with better benefits depending on how much you lock up your tokens for:

1. Standard: 1 Month
2. Premium: 4 Months
3. VIP: Months
4. Farming TIP-WBNB LP Pool: 0 Months

Users staking in our VIP staking pool can earn the highest APR up to 250%!

Short Term Benefits
Those that are trying things out just for investment’s sake, you can choose to not lock your token as you decide to hold for a few months. You will continue to get rewards with a reasonable APR Percentage of new tokens to achieve your crypto investment goals. A great start to getting into the ecosystem!

Long Term Benefits
Crypto is here to stay, and SugarBounce will one day be the leading Ecosystem for Adult Streaming Services and NFTs! That being said, those that are patient, and decide to Lock up their Tokens for 8 months minimum in the VIP Staking Section will be rewarded higher APR Returns! Users who stake more than 500 $TIP will not only get access to juicy APRs but also will be able to get premium features on the Sugar Streams dApp. We thank those that believe in our project and team to get everything rolled out as we are still one of the very first Web 3 dApps that is rolled out in the world of Blockchain. When Web 3 and Sugarbounce become a mainstream thing, we make sure every staker benefits highly from this staking program as much as the work we put into this!

How To Stake:

Go to: app.sugarbounce.com

  1. Connect your Wallet.
  2. Select the pool of your choice and enter the amount of $TIP you wish to stake or you can simply select max to stake the entirety of $TIP in your wallet.
  3. Click on Deposit, and a MetaMask pop-up window will appear. Please follow the instructions to complete the transaction.
  4. After successful completion of the transaction, your TIP tokens will be locked into the platform for the duration of the period selected.

About SugarBounce

SugarBounce aims to provide a consummate ecosystem for all NSFW entertainment needs of the next generation of viewers with the goal to decentralize adult content and lead the field in this emerging adult entertainment market by demonstrating how crypto and the blockchain can safely and effectively work in a highly-profitable NSFW context. The platform is geared towards making the lives of people working in the adult industry better and will bring in an amalgamation of P2P streaming, IPFS, and NFT Tech to bring a never-seen-before experience to viewers.

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