SugarBounce Transparency Update

3 min readDec 15, 2021

A Bit About Our Journey

$TIP, the native token of the SugarBounce ecosystem, is a deflationary token and unlike other tokens that have billions in supply; $TIP is only minted based on performance of the SugarBounce platform. Our platform has a long-term vision to build a community and scale NSFW entertainment up to the next generation.

We are committed more than ever to improving the lives of workers and the experience of viewers in the Adult industry. To achieve these ambitious goals, we are bringing the best of blockchain technology, file systems, and tech into building a truly captivating experience. $TIP is not just the native token of the SugarBounce ecosystem. It is a currency for growth, uncut fun, and value.

Performance-Based Allocation

To achieve our goal, we have set the maximum $TIP tokens mintable to be an equivalent of 49.75 million annually, which corresponds to the 50,000 $TIP tokens per performer if we onboard 995 performers. So unlike publishing a token supply arbitrarily, which is the hallmark of most projects, $TIP adds value to the platform for all advertisers, creators, traders, viewers, and other actors in the all exciting Sugar ecosystem. But this also means tokens will have to be minted as there are no pre-minted tokens available for marketing and operational costs. These tokens would come into the ecosystem only if absolutely necessary. Also from up to 25% of net profits on the platform tokens will be bought back and burnt. You can read more about this in our tokenomics article.

We Believe in the Community

Our model tasks the platform developers to add value, which translates to actual tokens in the ecosystem.

SugarBounce is the only crypto project in the adult ecosystem, backed publicly by venture capitalist investors. These investors are confident in what we stand for and wouldn’t mind having their names in an adult project. We adopted a performance-based token allocation to prove our commitment to sustainability.

Our Reason for Minting

We are accountable to inform the community that 2.6 million tokens were minted. There will be an unlock coming for private sale investors who are linearly vested along with advisors. We also need tokens for our CEX listing, which goes towards marketing, maintaining liquidity and running trading competitions.

Community members who believed in the project and staked their tokens deserve to be rewarded. We have onboarded around 100 models for our launch but minted tokens for only 15 models. The tokens would go towards marketing activities and operational costs before and after the launch.

We are working relentlessly to make SugarBounce a huge success, and we thank you all for believing in us and the SugarBounce project.

A Detailed Breakdown

About SugarBounce

SugarBounce aims to provide with an consummate ecosystem for all NSFW entertainment needs of the next generation of viewers with the goal to decentralize adult content and lead the field in this emerging adult entertainment market by demonstrating how crypto and the blockchain can

safely and effectively work in a highly-profitable NSFW context. The platform is geared towards making the lives of people working in the adult industry better and will bring in an amalgamation of P2P streaming, IPFS, and NFT Tech to bring a never-seen-before experience to viewers.

Sugar Bounce

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